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Blast Cricket Tournament

Maximize Your Cricket Potential.



Blast cricket Tournament  is  a  professional  cricket  league  aiming  at promising talent and giving them large platform to show their skills. The main objective of blast cricket league to promote cricketers from across the country. We focus on each and every individual players to develop their sporting skill and aptitude. With successful registration the league include active participation in 22 states and 22 league.


This league follow the standard process and professional approach to ensure the cricketer get the best experience and the anticipated exposure.

Cricket Equipment

BCL Benefits

  • From association qualified coaches

  • Impartial selection process

  • Get sponsorship for 1 lakh +
    Cricket Kit Bag with Full Equipments + Cricket Shoes + BCL Cricket Kit (White Dress)

  • BCL Participation Certificate

  • Colour dress

  • Media coverages

  • Amazing cricket tours

  • Trophy

  • Final Match of the session will be played in the stadium.

  • Many More.....


Get sponsorship for 1 lakh + Cricket Kit Bag with Full Equipments + Cricket Shoes + BCL Cricket Kit (White Dress)

Blast cricket league logo


Runner-up and Winner will go to the Tour of the Session

 T & C : Cricket tour venue will be decided as per availability of cricket ground below mentioned states.





Andhra Pradesh


BCL Procedure

Level 1

First of all you will have to register.  After that you will have trials and you will have to show your talent in the trials. your performance will count for the selection.

Level 3

In BCL National Matches, one state will be playing against another state and if your state matches are in some other state then the players/ entire team's stay food etc. will be from BCL.In this level all the matches will be 40 overs match.

Who Can Register?

The registration process is quite simple. if you are above 9 years of age? If yes,then this is the beginning of your cricket career. a nominal registration fee will be charged. You can get registration with the only Rs. 300. This will give you a chance to play for the trials. These trials are held all over India in 22 states.

BCL Advantages

Low Registration Fees

Broadcast of Matches

Chance to Meet Celebrities

Merit Based Selection

Exciting Prize Money

Massive Scale

Participating Certificate

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